June 16, 2009

mud and maters

This past weekend was the annual family reunion and most of Jacob's extended family was in town. We headed out Friday after a scary storm blew through. It took us almost and hour and a half to travel the normally 30 minute trip. We met several detours on the way due to trees blocking the road and we even saw some cars where trees had fallen while they were driving. All of the family gathering arrived safely and we were blessed with that. And in true form, God graced us with a beautiful rainbow and an amazing golden sunset. The kids (and MeMe) took off out the back porch and went dancing in the rain. It was wonderful to watch the kids cautiously step into the big mud puddles and then get so excited they just jump to splash everyone around. Oh, it really is the simple things in life that make you the happiest.

Hubby took these great shots of his parents' farm. I'm so glad he took these.

After a weekend of being away and lots of rain, we came home to some monster maters. The current counts stands at 25 tomatoes. Hopefully, the squash won't be long behind. The tomato plants have gotten so big they were overshadowing the pepper plants we have growing. So, hubby had to dig up the peppers last night and replant in a pot we had empty. I hope they do well after being moved - we want to make fresh salsa.

Can you spot hubby's trusty converse in the background?

While diggin' up the peppers, Jacob found this gi.norm.ous. worm. Isn't that crazy? He was so excited. I love it when that happens.


  1. We had such a great time with you guys this weekend! Wish we could have been there for the kids jumping in the puddles. how cute

  2. Hi there. I'm sorry for the delay in returning the blog love. I meant to get over here sooner. I love the colors on your blog. So summerish and fresh. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Now, I'm off to look around your blog. Have a great day!

  3. What a blessing to have that neat time with family! Glad you were safe! Kelly

  4. Hi,
    It is nice to see a happy famiy gather together.