June 7, 2009

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes......alzheimers?

Last week while I was in Denver visiting my sister, I got an early morning voicemail from hubby that I listened to once I got up and going. He had called me from work to tell me he was thinking of me. How sweet, right? We are sappy like that sometimes. Well, I thought it was really cute and sweet until he described why he was thinking of me.

He had seen a commercial on t.v. where an elderly man and woman were looking all over the house for the keys the woman had had. They looked all over and finally found them in the refrigerator. Hubby said that when he saw that part he immediately thought that was something I would do. (Really? Put the keys in the fridge? Okay, maybe.) Well, then the actual advertisement part of the commercial came on and it was for Alzheimer's Care. Boy did hubby feel bad, BUT he still called to tell me he was thinking of me.

I thought it was funny and referenced the phone message at least four times during the week. "At least your husband doesn't think you have Alzheimer's." You know, those kinds of references.

Funny in and of itself, BUT again it gets funnier. Last night, we ordered pizza which is a big splurge for us. I found a BOGO coupon in the Entertainment Book for Domino's, called to order, washed dishes for the 15-20 minutes of waiting and then left to get our scrumtiousness. I left and drove the three minutes to the pizza place, parked, walked in, and told the people my name when asked. They told me there was no pizza there under that name. Just short of me having to talk myself down, the lady spotted my coupon and said "Did you order Domino's because this is Papa John's?" Riiiiiiiighhhtttt. I meant to do that. I was just checking to make sure they knew who they were. So, then I decided to extend my public service and check to see if the other pizza place knew who they were. They did and they accepted the coupon and just so happened to have the two pizzas I had called to order.

I laughed the whole way home.

Oh, but wait, it does get some better. It turns out hubby may have been right about my "senior moments" but he's actually closer than me to being the senior in the moment. This morning while getting ready for worship services, I turn around to find hubby looking for a belt and preparing to put it on. He had his shirt all tucked under his chin (you know how they do), belt stretched and ready to loop on his pants when he says "OH! I already have a belt on."

Ahh, we are truly made for each other but I seriously wonder about us. I hope we have good children who will want to take care of us or will find a good home to care for us. Actually, our children will probably get plenty of practice from an early age. "Mommy you left your keys in my sippy cup again." "Daddy, you have on two different shoes." "But Mommy, this doesn't look like our house, will your keys still unlock it?"

Disclaimer: We hold the utmost respect for the elderly and anyone suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia. I practically grew up in the nursing home where my mother worked and Jacob's first job in college was a CNA at a local nursing home. I also helped care for my step-mother's mother who suffered from dementia. We in no way wish to offend anyone especially those who are dependent on others for care.

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