June 5, 2009

Home - where my love lies waiting, Home

Well, the western voyage was great and things are good now that I am back home. A week spent in quality sister time and littles loving may just get me through till the holidays. I miss them already!

My sister and I enjoyed "junkin" and let me tell you in that area their junk is like for sure treasures. Rich folks, fooey! There were community yard sales left and right. We briefly drove through on Friday without much luck, but Saturday we hit the jackpot. Yeah, I bought around 30 children's books for around $7. We planned to hit the Goodwill on Monday to peruse what we could not fit in on the other days.

The weather was as crazy as the fabulous bargains. The second day I was there, I had to go buy a bathing suit so that we could all go to the neighborhood association pool. I was shocked that it was only 75 degrees and we were at the pool. At home that would have been too cold to dip in the water, but this much closer to the sun we were comfortable. Then two days later, I was freezing as a rain storm breezed through. It was a return to winter weather that we might experience at home. I was just glad that it did not snow.

I could not get enough of my nieces and nephew. They are hilarious children and kept me rolling all week long. My nephew wanted to go home with me at the end even though he still couldn't figure out why I had not brought my car. I had a day to spend with each niece just the two of us. It was precious, precious time together and I truly loved every minute of it.

Even though they are more than a days' drive away, I am thankful that we are close enough to talk at least three times a week and sometimes a day. I am thankful that my flight was delayed on the way back so that each passenger got a $250 airfare voucher for future travel (Thanksgiving? Christmas?), and I am truly grateful for technologies like cell phones and Skype that help us stay close when we are apart.

Good times, good times.

P.S. Maybe I will post some of the trash we turned into treasures for my sister's new home. I will definitely be posting the goods that I stuffed in my carry-on just to get it back.

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