April 10, 2009

Blogging from Belize, Tech Travels

So, The Tech recently returned from a 6 day trip to Punta Gorda Belize on a medical mission trip. He left Monday, March 30 and returned Saturday, April 4. The rest of the team stayed until the following Tuesday. The team consisted of nurses, surgeons, CRNAs and the Tech. While there the team worked for over 10 hours a day in the OR in Punta Gorda. The patients came from villages all around the area. The Tech was given the opportunity to participate by one of the CRNAs that he works with at the local children's hospital. This CRNA happens to be a member of the congregation closest to the church of Christ at White Station where we are members.

This trip was such a blessing for Jacob even though I had asked him to come back early to be home for our first anniversary. He kept a wonderful journal that I hope to read to our children someday. He was actually better at keeping a journal than I did in Ghana. It is amazing to see the pictures too of how the people of Belize live. It always amazes me how God has given us everything to live so simply and we have such a hard time being content here in America. The picture shows the Tech in action doing what he does so well!
Please pray that the work that this team did to heal physical bodies will continue to heal these people spiritually after witnessing the glory of God!

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