April 15, 2009

Making Chicken Salad and Doing Your Taxes DON'T Go Well Together

So as the daughter of a CPA the date April 15th has always been a big deal around my house. Well, this year the big deal came a few days early. Although today is still not my favorite.....

Jacob was working on our taxes earlier this week. I had decided to boil some chicken to make chicken salad for lunches while he was busy. So, we were both being productive. Kudos to us! Well, as it goes, Jacob finished and asked me to rewrite the figures on the form we would be sending to the IRS. I got analytical and we started going over the taxes again to make sure everything was the way it needed to be. As fairly newlyweds, our financial skills are not such to analyze our first married filing jointly return quickly and efficiently, so this part took a little bit of time and brain power. Don't worry here's where that chicken I was boiling comes back into play. Suddenly, I smell something and Jacob jumps up yelling "The Chicken." I ran to the kitchen but stopped once I saw nothing was on fire. Well, I had to get my camera. Jacob did the whole open the door and fan it bit, but I was busy taking photos.

I will admit (and my sister will offer it up a little more willingly) that when I was younger I put eggs on to boil and forgot about them. Burnt boiled eggs stink, but burnt chicken breast is even worse! Here's the visual evidence - we are still dealing with the olfactory evidence as our house smells like we took up Malboros this week.

Happy Tax Day! At least our house is still standing to pay taxes on this year!

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