September 28, 2009

What I do best.

teaching 5th grade class
Hope Christian Academy, Ghana West Africa
March 2006

Okay, maybe it's not exactly what I do best, but I am pretty stinkin good at it and I had to try to convince some people of that today. Teaching, that is.

I began this blog this past Spring whilst I was student teaching. I spent most of the summer as a regular teacher would except I was taking Praxis exams and getting as far with the application processes as I could. The blog and the projects that appeared here (and many others) were my way of staying busy in the mean time. Well, the mean time is over.

Small group reading instruction (with half the group paying attention)
Student teaching - 2nd grade, Spring 2009

Now, my license should be in the mail any day, I have been subbing this past week, and I just completed one of two interviews scheduled for this week. A classroom is where I really shine if you want to know the honest truth. I feel at home there, I enjoy the children, I enjoy education. It is my calling and my mission. It wears me out and I love that about it. It is fun.

I forget that sometimes when I spend too much time blogging or squirting out what little creative juices I have around the walls and furniture of our house. Today, I would rather be in a classroom with 24 stinky little bodies that just enjoyed the beautiful weather we had. Today, I would rather be called my name and still not recognize who is being addressed (even though I have been married for 18 months now, I still do not know my own name)! Today, I would rather pretend that I know all there is to know about regrouping, proper nouns, or what exactly are the differences between a spider and an insect when I just found out all of that stuff last night! Today, I want to be a teacher again.

So, move over Elvis, I'm about to hit the stage and rock this hood! Er, as soon as they let me and with a little less hip shaking cause that might not be so good for the kids or me. Ha!

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  1. Read this with tears in my eyes! You are awesome girl! LOVE YOU!