September 29, 2009

Finances Teacherized

My dad would be so proud. Just a few months before he passed away, he left his staunchy office job and partnered with another accountant to start a new CPA firm. His firm almost immediately became an Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey. My dad prescribed to Dave's (we may as well be on a first name basis) guidelines and strict financial advice. My dad even paid for me to go to one of Dave's big seminars several years ago when it rolled through town. I paid full attention, took notes, and wanted to start saving for my emergency fund. (Jacob was no where near being in the picture at that point.)

Well, we are about to complete our first month working with Dave Ramsey's envelope system from the old Financial Peace University. Jacob figured out our budget and I took it from there. I went and got the cash necessary to be set for the month. Instead of buying the envelope system wallet that is available, I got a streak of teacher creativity.

Above are the envelopes I carry on a daily basis.

I just got some regular ole envelopes that were tucked away in a drawer. Added some leftover scrapbook sticker letters I had tucked in another drawer (hence the funky labels on each envelopes), and then had them laminated using a gift card to Knowledge Tree a former student gave me.

About a week into the process, I went back and added this little piece of velcro. Necessary for all file folder game pieces holders and cash envelopes, in my opinion. These are things I learned in college - okay and may a few other things.

I also learned that you can write on anything that is laminated with a Sharpie. Yes, I know they are permanent.....I smelled, I mean, I uuussseeddd them a lot in college. Anyway, they also taught me that if you combine the high fumes of a Sharpie with the overwhelming fumes of Nail Polisher Remover, then you will be in total bliss and have not a clue what is going on in your classroom. Okay, not really but the nail polish remover will "erase" the permanent maker. (Not so tough and permanent now are you, Mr. Sharpie?) See?

Now, they are all ready for next month. Works for us - and hopefully we will be debt free in about 2 years. I am proud of our good start. We couldn't have done it without you Daddy.


  1. Hi Candace. I'm sorry to hear about your father. Looks like you're getting things well organized with your little life. :-) I may need you to visit me too. :-) I can be so disorganized on some things.

  2. Candace, that is awesosme! We are starting on the envelope system and Dave ramsey plan this month. I would love to go to one of his seminars. I don't think my envelopes will be as cute as yours, but you have definitely inspired me!

  3. We are pretty much on the Dave plan, too! It's been a rough month, but my husband just got started on a new home contract, thank the Lord! Amazing, we did have to use our emergency fund, but then, every time a bill came up, he worked just enough to pay the bill, or I did a vintage show and sold bread, or something, and we got by really very well! Now, we got the emergency fund back, and starting again. I think we have two years too, unless my inlaws estate sales (does Dave think that's cheating?) which would be a total, undeserved blessing! BTW, I'm getting ready for a show Saturday, came across something with sharpie on it, and now I'm off to try the nail polish! Thanks for the tip! Karen