May 12, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday - except it's Tuesday

Today was my first official day out of school, and it was wonderful! I no longer have to go to any classes, compile a portfolio, write lesson plans, or prepare for an evaluation. Wait.....yes, I will, I'm going to be a teacher. Graduation is Saturday and then the real job hunt is on. Anywho, I'd rather miss graduation and go to a yard sale this Saturday. Is that bad? Oh well - guess I'll have to wait for that perfect frame until the next Saturday morning.

In the mean time, I am spending most of my time around the house and getting things spruced up. Today was packed with working in the guest room to get ready for my step mom who is coming for graduation. I accomplished a lot and not a dime was spent! I was so proud of myself for staying home until it was time to go get Jacob from work.

I have been really intrigued by this "shopping around the house" concept I have read about on other blogs. One of my favorite guides has been The Nesting Place. Here she talks about how she shops her house and decorates on the cheap. It has encouraged me to really nestle into my own style with this house and be the same creative force I have been in the past. There is far more satisfaction in doing a makeover for little-to-nothing than just going and buying a generic piece at the store. Don't get me wrong, I will spend a little money when the bargain is right.

But, here is a glimpse at my freebie (or close to freebie) guest room makeover today.

This is the guest room before. It has been my dump room for the last few weeks. It was definitely not suitable for guests. Those stacks on the bed are all of my lesson plans and portfolio materials. What a mess!

Ta-da! Guest room after a couple of hours of work. Not too bad - if I do say so myself!
Notice the picture above the bed? Cost = $1.99

The frame and matte came from dad's old house and has been in my attic for almost a year now. The chipboard letters and scrapbook paper came in a little scrapbooking set on clearance at Ross Dress for Less. I guess I could count the $1 for renting the Secret Life of Bees that I was watching last Sunday afternoon when I made this.

Here is our file cabinet turned bedside table. Literally, I turned it sideways so it would look more appropriate next to the bed and not stick out so far. That pretty tablecloth helped soften it up and has colors similar to the wall art above the bed. The tablecloth is from India and was given to us by my mother-in-law. Her mother got it when they were missionaries in India. I love it!
Don't worry - I'll get some hydrangeas in that pink vase just before my step mom gets here.
Picture frame round up. All of these frames except for the big gold one were in my things to sell at our next yard sale. Disassemble and cover with vintage white spray paint....another magic transformation. Did I mention that the can of spray paint was on clearance at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago for $1? Seriously. I know I couldn't believe it either - I bought two cans of it just to make me a believer. Ha!

Here they are after being painted and sanded. I should have gotten a close up. Ugh, this picture makes me want to paint this room really bad! That picture on the wall is me and my sis when were younger (obviously younger, I suppose). It's one of my all-time favorites. Hey sis, remember these funky brass candlesticks Mom always had around? Yep, I painted them and then stuck them in the bathroom. Jealous? It's okay, I would be too.

Here they are all displayed. I am still debating if I want to wrap the actual candle part with the same brown ribbon that I have on the picture frame. We'll see.
I will have to post more before and after pics soon, but it is late and I need to get in bed!

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