June 28, 2011

wow! has it really been three months?

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged in over three months. With the end of school and a baby in the mix, blogging definitely got pushed to the bottom of the list. Heck, even scrubbing the toilet got pushed pretty low on the totem pole.

The good news is….I have scrubbed the toilet….a few times since March. But my return to blogging has more to do with my bad back. I’ve been out of commission for about 4 days now. Lying down when I have the chance and carefully choosing when I pick up my daughter. It has not been fun. It’s life though.

Oh, and our dryer went out and it is raining today. So if it can’t air dry in the hallway – it is not getting washed right now. Wah-wah, I know.


BUT on the flipside, my summer has been wonderful! Lots of fun stuff and good times with great people. We’ve also been very busy around the house.

Some things that I will be posting about soon:

Our chicken coop
We’ve built a deck
Thrifting finds
Working on an Etsy shop
and one precious little girl

Speaking of, I soaking up every minute I can with this blue-eyed beauty.


She just melts my heart.

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  1. She is so beautiful! So sorry about your back. I don't know if this could have anything to do with it but my husband hurt his back when our little guy was little and we think carrying the carseat carrier contributed, especially if it's held out from your body rather than held in closer. Just a thought. Kelly